Learn about Irfaan

Irfaan is currently working as an Intermediate .NET developer at a software company. I come from the software engineering world and my superpowers come from my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science as well as my Post Graduate certificate in Web Development (Recipient of the Academic Excellence Award). Combining these two sources of power together is what allows me to rock any web development task.

Also, being bilingual in English and French gives me an extra advantage. I can easily communicate in both languages as well as provide well formed content for your site in both English and French, when required.

I am ready to fight on your side against those complex business problems. Together we can turn them into simple and beautiful websites and/or web applications. I am always ready to take on new web development trend, being able to learn as fast as The Flash.

As highlighted on the homepage, I strive for simplicity. I build what appears to be a simple solution for the user but with a robust mechanism behind the scene. This approach helps me provide my non IT users with a simple and easy system. I handle all the complex processing for them with a strong back-end. To be conform with the new norms, I ensure that your website is fully responsive and accessible. Hence, your website will be in accordance with the AODA Act and will also work on any type of mobile devices.

When I am not at work and not coding for your project, you’ll most probably find me enjoying a nice soccer game or watching superhero TV Shows… like The Flash!

I you have the feeling that I am the one you have been looking for, do not hesitate to contact me so that we can embark on a new project together.

Intermediate .NET Developer