It’s All About Database


This week, the focus has been a lot about database. In fact, I must say that a database can definitely be considered as the heart of any application. Because, any sort of application, small to large complex ones, each one needs to store some sort of data and to be rendered dynamic.

dbThe main goal of the program is to build a CMS and this depends entirely on a database. Since the beginning of the semester, I have been learning and working with Oracle database. We have learn quite a lot, namely creating and modifying table structures as well as executing DML commands such as Select, Insert, Update and Delete. Not to forget, transaction controls which work together with the DML commands. After the midterm, we were then introduced to anonymous PL/SQL programming and after that creating stored procedures and functions on the server. Finally, we were even taught how to design the schema up to 3NF (third normal form). Having worked with Microsoft SQL Server before, this has been a great revision for me except that I had to cope with the syntax difference between Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

From our ASP.NET (with C#) class we have recently been introduced SQL Server which we are going to use for our .Net applications. During the workshops I have learned how to create my database along with different tables using Visual Studio itself. However, I still prefer using the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to interact with my local database. It will be easier to create SQL scripts and to keep track of them. This will allow for easy creation of stored procedures, functions, views and other server objects. The challenge for me this week has been to figure out how to install the .Net Framework 3.5, the database engine, and how to connect to them from the SQL Management Studio. After that, I was able to access my database through my ASP.NET application using the connection string. Also, I was able to help out some friends in setting up their Microsoft SQL server.

CSS Frameworks

This week, we have been introduced to CSS frameworks, and how to use them. We need to remember that we should not re-invent the wheel again, especially when programming complex applications. This is why we have, in some programming languages, built-in functions and libraries, others have huge library of namespaces available to be used and CSS Frameworks have got classes, JavaScript modules and HTML code snippets to support us as web developers.

Version Control

version_ctrlFinally, we were introduced to GitHub in our Project Management class. This is used as a version control (revision control or source control) to manage changes to documents, computer programs, large web sites and other information. This is going to be very handy especially when working on a project in group, thereby enabling us to manage the project better, share codes faster and in a more efficient way and to keep track of changes.