Midterm Checkpoint

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We are already half-way through the super crazy semester, and where do I stand at this point?

For the last couple of weeks, I have been hearing that the second semester of the web development program will make us busy. I must say that I do agree with this now that I have a better view of what we have been doing over the last few weeks and most importantly, what is expected as deliverable after the next 7 weeks.

Programming skills gained this semester

Image showing a programmer with a digital board.This semester, I am having courses covering XML & Web Services, ASP.NET MVC 5, and PHP 7.0. In six weeks, I have already learned how to write well-formed XML, how to validate XML against DTDs and XSDs. How to parse XML with XPath and write XSLT in order to represent XML data in a more meaningful way. And finally, how to parse through XML using JavaScript and .Net. I do believe learning the DTD was an important aspect, because often we may encounter legacy systems and understanding the existing DTDs will be part of the job. The ASP.NET MVC 5 course is teaching us a whole different concept which is totally different from web forms. The main thing that I like with the framework is the scaffolding that happens at several steps of the development phases. Scaffolding in this context means that the .NET framework will generate many codes on your behalf and it will speed up the development process a lot. Also, the way that the files are structured helps maintain consistency and good standard. Lastly, in the PHP course we have been introduced to PHP, covering all the syntaxes and basics. Then, we moved on with creating classes and objects, and how to connect to databases using the PDO object and how to interact with tables from the database.


In addition to the technical part of the course, we have been dealing with a lot of Quality Assurance and Testing. Testing is simply a crucial part of the development process of any project, and the earlier it is incorporated, the less expensive it’s going to be for the budget. Finally, our Web Information Architecture’s class has been teaching us how to approach a web project, what are the steps involved in creating a requirements document for a project. The plus point from this course is that our professor Bernie, being a scrum master, decided to run workshops weekly and made us work on creating our requirements document using the agile methodology. Every week we run sprints and tackle them as prepared by Bernie.

What’s in the pipeline?

Image illustrating pipelinesHere is where things get crazy. Seven weeks from today we are expected to deliver several assignments. I will have to submit a working application using XML files to store data. I will be using .NET while others may choose PHP. We are expected to submit a Test document with a strategy plan and test cases. For our PHP group project, we are designing a website for the Nature Parks of Canada and we are also working on a Hospital Website redesign project where each team member will need to deliver three working features which are database driven.