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Before jumping to the graduation, I have got some catching up to do about the final half of the program (where we left of end of February), all the way through a field placement or internship. After that, I shall give a brief overview of the path to graduation and what I have been up to after graduating from Humber College’s post graduate web development program.

Going back to end of February, I remember mentioning a few assignments coming up. Looking back today I am very proud to have been able to deliver all projects successfully. The key to successfully meet the deadline for all these projects have been a consistent planning of the tasks to be completed for each project and constant hard work. Also, by developing a passion for each project you are working on really helps boost your enthusiasm about a project and adds value to the quality and complexity of the work to be delivered. I will not get into specifics about each project, but I would encourage visiting my portfolio page for a brief overview of the projects.

My major take away from this program has been mostly in terms of personal growth. In addition to learning new technologies, frameworks and learning new techniques, I gained more confidence and gained further maturity in tackling new problems as well as doing self-learning more efficiently. Gaining leadership skills, planning skills, problem solving skills, excellent time management skills, interview skills, ability to work with tight deadlines and the opportunity to work in an Agile environment for the group projects are all bonuses gained from the program.

After the three semesters, I obtained my internship with Simplistics Web Design Inc. There, a new exciting adventure started as I got to start working on real-life web projects and started gaining valuable industry experience in Canada. During my 8 weeks of internship, I collaborated on a specific project as a full-stack developer. We built a complete back-end web API for a web application using PHP with the Laravel framework. After that, we started working on the front-end of the application which is built in Angular 4. At that time, things couldn’t get more exciting as I got to work with two new exciting frameworks and gain more valuable skills. Following the internship I was given a full-time job offer to continue working for the company as a full-stack web developer.

Finally, all criteria was met for the program and I was officially a post-grad student of Humber College. But, the story does not end here as we reach the graduation day which was held on November 2nd, 2017. That day I was waiting for the graduation ceremony to start when a staff came looking for me and handed me a piece of paper which caught me by surprise. Turns out, I was not only graduating with Honors but I also received the Academic Award of Excellence. This was simply the ‘cherry on top’.

Academic Award of Excellence

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