My Projects

Are you curious to see my Web Developer skills? My portfolio page will provide you with a brief overview of my broad range of skill set that I possess. My different projects cover a range of technologies. These include HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, ASP.NET, PHP, XML as well as MVC5 and Laravel frameworks.

In addition to these skills, I also have field experience as a full-stack web developer. I enjoyed building complex applications with Angular 2/4 supported by APIs built with PHP using the Laravel framework.

The different projects highlighted here will help you get a good understanding of my ability to build complex applications. They will also show my ability to work with a variety of technologies. Different projects come with different requirements and therefore it is also important to decide about the proper technical specifications for a project. Hence, each project require different set of technologies to achieve the end product goal. Possessing the ability to learn any new technologies also provide an additional edge to a project.