The Barrières à Toronto (Roadblocks in Toronto) is a Web Application designed to help locate roadblocks around the city of Toronto. This application is designed to target people who travel regularly around or across the city of Toronto.

Whether a person is driving, cycling or walking, Barrières à Toronto will help them analyse their trip in advance and check if there will be any roadblocks on or near their route.



  • When a visitor launches the application, their current location is detected and shown on the map. (If they feel their current location is different, they can still readjust their location)
  • They are provided information on the weather condition at their current location
  • If the user is in Toronto, they can simply view the roadblocks around them which are within a configured radius around them
  • If they are planning to go somewhere, they can search their destination address, and analyse the journey. This will display any roadblocks found on the specific route



Currently, the application is consuming Google’s API for analyzing the journey, and considering the number of coordinates that can be available for a route times the number of roadblocks around the city of Toronto, this can use up the API’s limit very quickly.