Marvel Canada website has been designed to provide valuable information to help users in finding the best Canada National Park for their next trip.

Website visitors will be able to easily compare different parks and know which one is the best for them for their next vacation. We believe all the 46 parks that are out there have their own beauty and will bring amazing experiences for Canadians and tourists. Therefore, it is valuable to make all the national parks be considered when our users are planning their next trip.

Three features that I implemented as part of this project are namely:

  • Footprints
  • Wishlist Management
  • User’s Profile Settings



Footprints are basically posts created and shared by the website’s members. The users can create a footprint to share their experience when they have been to a park. They can also share some images about their trip. The footprints are in turn displayed on the public page of a park to provide website visitors with reviews about that park.


  • A registered user will be able to create a new footprint from his/her profile page to share their experience
  • A registered user will be able to edit a past footprint to add more images, remove image(s), or update their footprint details
  • A registered user can delete a previously shared footprint from their profile
  • A registered user can share a specific footprint on their Facebook page
  • All footprints shared by users will be displayed on the specific park’s description page to provide valuable information to other public users


Wishlist Management

The wishlist management will help our members to keep track of the parks they wish to visit on their next trip. When logged in they will be able to see a small icon for each park on the list of parks page which will enable them to add a park to their wishlist within one click.


User’s Profile Settings

This feature will allow registered users to manage their profile information. They can update their personal details, change their profile picture or manage their account settings.