The aim of this project was to redesign the MICs Group of Health Services website. The new website is a database-driven website with both public and admin side.

My contribution to the project was to design the master layout (responsive), to manage the website’s database and to integrate all team member’s feature together to host the website live. Also, I implemented three features namely:

  • The online appointment system
  • Find a Doctor
  • Online Donations


Online Appointment System


  • New users can register and create a new patient profile to have access to the appointment system
  • Patients can submit an appointment request online which will be subjected for approval by a hospital staff
  • A confirmation email is sent with the requested appointment’s details
  • Patients can log in to view their requested appointment details or status, they can reschedule an appointment or cancel an appointment
  • Administrator user can log in and view a list of request that are awaiting for approval, list of approved appointments or list of appointments cancelled
  • Administrator can process an appointment request (either approve or reject) and a new notification email is generated to inform the patient of the changes
  • Administrator can register new patients on the system
  • Administrator can book, reschedule or cancel an appointment on behalf of a patient
  • Administrator can view appointment schedules of each doctor for a specific day and generate the schedule as a PDF report
  • Administrator will feed the system with physicians’ working schedules
  • Patients are notified by email in case a physician’s work schedule changes or is cancelled


The main challenge was to implement the appointment scheduling system which should take into consideration three different hospital locations and which physicians are attached to that specific location.

Next, if a physician’s work schedule changes for a specific date, the system should automatically detect patients that are affected by the change in schedule, set their appointment status as ‘Need to Reschedule’ and notify them of the change in appointment status by email.

Finally, if a physician’s work schedule is cancelled, the system need to automatically find all patients who scheduled appointment with that specific physician on that date, set their appointment status as ‘Cancelled’ and notify them of the change in appointment status by email.


Find a Doctor


  • Visitors can view a list of physicians (Filter by Hospitals, Gender and sort results) and view the detailed profile of a physician
  • Administrator can register a new physician on the system and this generates a login credentials automatically for the physician
  • Administrators can update or delete a physician’s profile from the system
  • Physicians can login and update their profile information
  • Physicians can login and have access to their appointment schedules for a day and generate a PDF report


Online Donation


  • The donation feature is implemented using Pay Pal API
  • Users can make a donation online anonymously without having to log in
  • Logged in users can make a donations and in turn view a history of their donations made
  • Registered donors can make a donation quicker without having to fill in their personal details every time
  • Registered donors can set up a regular donation
  • Donors can log in to suspend or reactivate their regular donation subscription
  • Super administrator can login and view a list of past donations received
  • Super administrator can have access to graphical reports to statistical purposes
  • Role Played: Lead Developer
  • Technologies Used: ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, AJAX, amCharts JS Library, Pay Pal API
  • Project Year: April 2017
  • Website: http://micsgroup.irfaanauhammad.com/